Chris Brown – Welcome to My Life Documentary

Can’t fake or front, when the news first broke about Chris And Rihanna. I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t wrap my head around it. Why would he do something like this. First, why would he put his hands on a woman, second why would he risk everything he had. Then the pics of Rihanna face came out. I was really over it. Then you saw him try his best to earn the respect of the fans and people, and folk was still coming for him. How is anyone suppose to change or be better if you treat them the same way or hold something over their head every single time they try to do better. If you kept throwing an issue in my face every time I saw you or if I had to answer the same questions over and over every day. I’d probably be pissed all the time too. Maybe this will explain some of the things we don’t know or don’t really understand.



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