Fergie Drops The Ball With National Anthem Performance

So last night Fergie performed the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game and most think it was pretty bad, including myself. Now I’m not here to bash on Fergie or make fun of her as I actually feel really bad for her.

The memes on social media have been relentless towards her, albeit, funny. Here’s the thing about this that people don’t realize. Performing is hard and Fergie hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight much recently. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be able to do this. Furthermore, I wouldn’t make a video of myself singing the National Anthem and post it on social media. Would you?

Without trying to be too mean. I still think this was a pretty awful performance. And in the famous words of Randy Jackson from American Idol…. “It’s gonna be a NO from me dawg”


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