Marvel Is Investing In the Anti-Hero This Year!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As much of a DC Fan I am, Marvel is really living its greatest life!! Every since the first Iron Man movie, you can’t say there has been a bad Marvel Movie……If you can, then you just suck, lol. Anywho, I finally thought DC was going to do it really BIG with their ANTI-Heroes The Suicide Squad, which they did. The movie did very well compared to its counterparts (The Good Guys).

Well now, Marvel has decided to step into the realm of the bad guy. So much so that they took a DC villain and made him a Marvel villain. That’s right Top Hardy played Bane in Dark Knight Rises, now he’s Eddie Brock in Venom. Which I can totally see him as. There’s no question in my mind that this is going to be a BIG FILM. The question is, is it going to feature anyone else from the Marvel Universe?

And if we didn’t already love Deadpool before, we’re probably going to love him even more after this movie too. Josh Brolin has been my guy since The Goonies, and in the trailer they got Terry Crews too!! That’s right!! On actual facts on who he might be playing yet, but its a good look to be teamed up with Marvel and Deadpool.

Marvel is GREAT on the BIG SCREEN and on the stream! Jessica Jones is another GREAT Marvel Project. In fact, everything on Netflix that’s Marvel (besides Iron Fist) is pretty much. If you, haven’t seen the first season and you decided to check out the first episode. Be ready not to be heard from for at least 4 days, its that good.



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