Relive The Super Bowl Halftime Show

So here we are… The day after the Super Bowl, which by the way was a phenomenal game. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles!

Justin Timberlake, as you know, was the Halftime act for the game and I’m disappointed by some people’s reactions on his performance. I get it, there’s a ton of hype around these halftime shows and everybody expects so much, but Timberlake’s performance was good.

Yeah, he could have done more with the show i.e. NSYNC reunion which is what I think a lot of people wanted. Moreover, he could have done more with props in his performance. Also, I thought the choreography was great. But to sit there and call it a bad performance is downright silly!

Overall, I’ll call it a good performance not great. Relive last night’s action above and let me know what you think on The Vibe’s Facebook page.



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