RIP my sweet shepherd

This is one of  my German Shepherds “sheppie momma” Urielle.  She was a spunky 9 year old and momma to our other fuzzy Giant.  She was a K-9 pup for the Prince William county police but failed to graduate due to her hips.  Sadly,  the officer who then owned her dismissed her and we were able to adopt her, not knowing she was pregnant with 13 pups!!  She has served as my husband’s post military service dog for the last 7 years! This momma was a trooper (pun intended) and a huge (110lb!) part of our busy family, we were just heartbroken yesterday to arrive home finding she had passed away unexpectedly.  I know we all love our fur babies…. as sad as I am right now I know she will leave lasted memories and she lived a great life!!


Message me on our facebook page! I’d love to see your fur babies!




conspiracy theories….. I’ve been longing for spring so I did something fun! when a co worker brings food…. Escape room! Tide pod shots! The Greatest Showman is the Greatest Show!