She Sent Him About 65,000 Texts And Said She Wanted To Bathe In His Blood

Yooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! First, this is why you can’t trust snapchat filters, lol. Not saying that she used any of them on the pics below, but to see her in the video verse her IG page. Its like a whole different person. I mean you really gotta watch the whole interview. I ain’t gonna call her crazy, but she is BAT S*** CRAZY. #NoDisrespect.

What got me is when one of the interviews said “You sent 65,000 text.” and she said “That’s it, it seemed like more.”


I mean I want a ride or die, but this is a whole other level of Kanye. Watch the video and you decide.

Now I want to see wha the fellas would do. Would you still go out with her even though she said and did all that? Check out the pics and comment below.



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Workin on it

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