DJ 2Much

Its your favorite friendly neighborhood DJ.

I go by The Southern Gentleman DJ 2Much, born in Wilmington, North Carolina. Being part of a military family (Semper Fi) I moved around every couple of years, even lived on Quantico. I found interest in hip hop music actually thru a movie. When “House Party” came out in 1990, I fell in love with the music, dancing, and style of entertainment. The very first hip hop tape (That’s right meaning a CASSETTE TAPE) I bought was Salt N Pepa’s Very Necessary. To me was just an extremely dope album and after I engulfed myself into the culture.

While my father was stationed in South Carolina,  attending the local skating rink was an every weekend thing. Here I was able to learn classic funk hits and more old school classics. At this time Florida Bass was getting real popular. So I was listening to songs from the Ohio Players to 2 Live Crew, Roger Troutman to Quad City DJs, Afrika Bambaataa and more.

I loved skating so much that I worked at a skating rink in San Diego, California and Stafford, Virginia. After a year or two of DJing at the rink, I began my mobile DJing career. While working and going to school, I was able to DJ around the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area. In 2009,  I got hired for my first radio gig and been doing that ever since.