You’ll Never Believe How I Got $20!

On my way to work I meant to stop by the ATM to get $20. Somehow, it slipped my mind and I went ahead to work. The Boss and I had to pick up some supplies for the weekend, so I figured I’d get the $20 then. We get the supplies, it was close to lunch so I got that, and brought it back to the job. Of course, once again I forgot to get the $20. Then I was like I’ll just get it after work. If I did that though, it could make me late for my appointment. I was like whatever, I’ll figure something out. But before I ate my lunch I wanted to get the van squared away for the weekend. As I’m unloading, an elder couple pull up and park behind the van.

The husband asked me if I knew where Dixon Street was. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t recall where it was. I asked where exactly were they trying to go? He told me the location and like a millennial, I pull out my phone and say “Well lets see if we can find this place.” The husband says they know they’re close, they just don’t know where exactly it is. After looking it up on google, seems they were only 6 mins away. I’m talking through the passenger side where his wife was, so I decide to go to the husband’s side to show him on my phone. Now, they were in a pretty nice car and when I look as his dashboard, I notice it does have a navigation system. I was like aiight, no worries. So I give him my phone they way he can see exactly where to go, but I don’t think he was too use to google maps. So then I start to direction him on how to get there, and he asked the wife to write it down. After he does that, he says “I have all this in here” pointing at the navigation system “But I don’t know how to use it”. We all laugh and I tell him no problem. Then I think about my Great Granddaddy use to drive everywhere, and if my parents got lost or need directions somewhere. What would I want someone to do for them. So I say “You know what, its only 6 mins away. Let me throw these things in the van and you can just follow me there.” The husband says that would be great! He asked what’s my name, I say M*****, I asked what was his, he said Bill. I say nice to meet you, just give me a second and I’ll be ready to go. I throw the stuff in the van and we head out.

As we get closer to Dixon Street, I realize I know it as Route 2. That’s why it sounded familiar. I follow the directions to the location and pretty much lead them to the front door. Soon as I know they’re good, I look in the rear view and wave. No need to stop, I figured they were good. I take a second glance and I see they’re both waving their hands. The husband parks in the front and get out, I get out and walk toward him. He says “Thank you much” shakes my hand and gives me $20 then says “Lunch is on me.”

Honestly, in a situation like that I wouldn’t take the money, but I saw real gratitude on the wife’s face. And Bill did seem very thankful. So I take the $20 and said “Thank you much, I really do appreciate it.” Then Bill says “Above The Call”. Hopefully, you recognize that saying, lol. They park, I leave. The End.

I’m sharing this story because I don’t go to church really at all or often. But my faith in a higher power is solid like you wouldn’t believe. I know it was just $20 and what not. But I was really stressing about how to make everything work and be on time, and etc. But I also knew it was going to be aiight and it was going to workout. I just had to keep it moving and do what needed to be done.

I’m not saying you have to go to church, I’m not saying you have to be religious, and I’m not saying you have to quote bible verse or anything. But YOU GOT TO HAVE FAITH IN SOMETHING!! Whether it be in yourself or a higher power. I got problems and stresses just like the next man, but I tell you. Believing that things will work out, believing in my works, and having just faith in that. I have never been without.

Work hard, don’t do people dirty, keep faith, you got this.



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